The most precious gift which a parent can give to his child is…


Have you given one?


Every parent wants to give his child a better school but choosing a better school is something in which most parents fail. A better school is not just about academics but about all round development of the child. A better school is that educates your child for real life. A better school is that which helps actualising the aspirations of its students. This is precisely what our school is all about. This is exactly what our school motto stands for – aspire and actualise. And, at Sharon’s Public School we make a concerted effort to give your child a crystal clear vision, rooted in reality to soar high in life. Naturally, for a parent, it is glorious moment when the child, later in life, thanks him for making the right choice – of choosing a better school which laid a better foundation for his/ her future.

Director's Message

Dear Parents,
  Going down memory lane, I become nostalgic thinking of how the foundation of this institution was laid and how since then it has prospered and has earned a commendable reputation in every aspect. Founded in 2001 the school has strived to give quality education to the students hailing from not only the different parts of Bihar but from every corner of our country and also from neighboring countries. Our objective is to educate the young minds and inculcate in them a spirit of service to humanity. Our priorities in education are not only scholastic excellence, but also formation of youth in discipline, hard work, moral and religious values. Stress is given on this aspect in order to produce true and better law abiding citizens for our nation.

Warm Regards
Mr. Abhishek Singh
Director - Sharon's Public School